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  • How to Stick LED Lights to Ceiling


    How to Stick LED Lights to Ceiling

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    How to decorate your living room – Guide

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    How to put a lampshade on a ceiling light?

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    What is an LED Strip Light?

  • What are Flush ceiling lights?

    What are Flush ceiling lights?

    Flush ceiling lights are a type of ceiling light that is mounted flush with the ceiling. They are usually round or square in shape and have a diffuser to soften the light. They are a popular choice for living rooms, as they provide a lot of light and are very practical. They also look amazing […]


  • What is the significance of ceiling lights?

    What is the significance of ceiling lights?

    Often times when people are redecorating their homes, they focus on painting the walls or finding new furniture. But one area that is often overlooked is the ceiling – which I like to think of as the fifth wall. There’s so much potential in such a large and underused space! The most common use for […]




    We’ve all been there. When that light fixture in the living room starts to flicker, we throw up our hands and say, “I can’t be bothered. I’ll call an electrician!” But installing a ceiling light is pretty easy, and if you follow these five easy steps, it becomes even easier. Installing your own light fixture […]


  • How to remove ceiling light cover with clips?

    Well, if you get yourself a new ceiling light and don’t know how to remove the ceiling light cover with clips then don’t go anywhere we are here to solve your question with easy steps. Most people think that removing a ceiling light cover is easy, but there are two methods right and wrong. If […]


  • How To Remove Ceiling light cover- no screw

    Sometimes Removing a ceiling light cover without screws can be tough, but it’s not unsolvable. This composition will show you how to remove ceiling light cover with no screws. Remember that the same method may differ depending on your light fixture type. But with a bit of patience and some basic skills, you should be […]


  • why black ceiling Lights are best.

    Are you looking for black ceiling lights that accentuate your home’s distinctive style and leave a lasting impression on all of your visitors? Well, look no further. Black ceiling lights are a key piece of any home’s interior design and can add so much character to any space. They may not be the first thing […]


  • how to wire a ceiling light

    Spruce up a room or give it an entirely different appearance by figuring out how to change a ceiling lightinstallation all alone. Ceiling apparatuses can shift from crystal fixtures for a conventional lounge area,another light and fan blend for a family room, or another thorough search in an as-of-late renovatedroom. You can set aside cash […]


  • 5 Types of Ceiling Lights (Buying Guide)

    Our home is a collection of different selected items. One of these is ceiling lights. The suitable types of ceiling lights can change the overall view of your home, so you should know what kind of lights you need for your home and what will suit you best for the idea. types of Ceiling Lights […]


  • choose the right size ceiling light 2022

    When it comes to designing your space and selecting the right size ceiling light don’t just go for size–make sure the light fixtures are in proportion. Whether you want something big or small (or maybe somewhere between), we recommend choosing a happy medium that’s neither overpowering nor feels oddly confined by its dimensions; this way […]