Are black lights safe?

You must have this question ” are black lights safe? “There is no definitive answer to this question, as the safety of black lights depends on several factors, including the type of black light and how it is used.

Some people claim that black lights are safe to use, while others suggest that they should be avoided. More research is needed to determine the long-term effects of using black lights.

Below, we will go over the different types of UV black lights and which ones are safe to use. Our Glove Black lights fall into the safe UV-A category.


black lights safe

A black light, also called a UV light or Wood’s lamp is a type of lamp that emits long-wave ultraviolet light and very minimal visible light. Black lights can be used in many ways: for artistic and decorative effects, detecting counterfeit money, identifying leaks in refrigerators and air conditioning systems, and assisting with medical diagnostics.

We’ll talk about the many entertaining purposes for black lights and provide information on black light safety and quality standards to assist you in deciding if purchasing black lights is a good idea for your personal use.

This article will provide recommendations for using black lights in a party environment, for one-off events, or for short periods.

If you’re trying to set up black lights as a more permanent fixture, we recommend that you research the safety standards and requirements for this sort of black light usage.


The UV light that black lights emit is usually in the long-wave ultraviolet A range, which is the safest wavelength. UV-A waves are much weaker and do not penetrate as deeply into the skin.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about playing with black lights for fun, not for large-scale events like black light glow parties or other glow gatherings.

You are very unlikely to be exposed to UV-A light long enough for it to cause any negative eye impact in these situations.

There’s no need to worry, though, you can always accessorize your black light glow party outfit with a pair of fashionable neon sunglasses. This will both add to your look and block any harmful UV rays.


UV-A light is used in black lights because it is closer to visible light than UV-B or UV-C. This makes it safer for people to be around.

If you are exposed to long periods of UV-A light, it could damage your skin. This is the kind of light that is in tanning beds.

it is improbable that you will find yourself in a short-term, one-off black light party. If you are still concerned, opt to wear a neon-colored or white long-sleeved shirt and long pants to your black light event.