Can you paint light bulbs?

Can you paint light bulbs? The answer to this question is a resounding… maybe! Do paint and electricity mix well? Probably not. But if you want to paint your light bulb, there are a few ways to do it safely.

Now, be warned that painting a light bulb with spray paint may void any warranty on the bulb and could be a fire hazard. So please proceed with caution!

Hanging these colorful light bulbs in your home will not only add a lot of flairs but also help you relax after an exhausting day. Funny enough, creative minds have taken this decoration further by painting green ones at churches and hospitals to overcome jet lag!

Why Would You Want To do light bulb painting?

paint light bulbs
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Bulbs that have been sprayed with light can be given as gifts that are creative and relatively inexpensive. Another reason you might want to use them is if you want to change the look of your room; this would be a perfect way to personalize it. Others want to make kids’ art projects flowery and beautiful.

You can make money from your hobby if you enjoy it and are willing to sell your creations. This is not a get-rich-quick scheme, but you can expect to make some extra money each month.

What Items Do You Need?

  • Clear light bulbs
  • A dimmer
  • Metallic spray glass paint
  • Painters tape
  • Hand gloves
  • Safety glasses
  • Brushes for paint works
  • Adhesive

Safety and Precaution Measures

Always take safety precautions by wearing gloves and glasses to avoid injuries. Make sure you have a dimmer for the light as well.

Some have said they would rather paint the glass jar, put the bulb inside, and then spray.

Others have successfully testified that this process works perfectly if you choose high-quality paints. Once you have gathered all the materials mentioned above, the process begins as follows:

Choice of glass paint to use

  • You must get painting light bulbs that are non-water based for glass ones.
  • Paints that can withstand high temperatures once the light is switched on are ideal. To get reliable information, you may want to ask people who have tried this before and see what brands of paint they recommend.

Pray Paint Your Light Bulbs: Step by Step

Step 1:

First, take a piece of cotton wool and dip it in spirit. Rub the surface of the bulbs with the wet cotton wool to loosen any dirt that might be stuck on them. Once you’ve removed all the visible dirt, leave the bulbs to air dry completely.

Step 2:​

Gently place the bulbs on a flat surface so that they remain firm and in place. Be careful not to shatter the glass.

Step 3:​

Consider what type of impression you want to make, and then practice writing it down several times.

Step 4:​

To ensure an even coat, apply painter’s tape to the part of the light bulb before painting the exposed section. Continue this process until you have painted the entire surface.

Step 5:​

Because the bulb surface doesn’t provide good spray coverage, you’ll need to apply multiple coats for satisfactory results.

Step 6:​

Spray one side of the glass and allow it to dry before turning to spray the other side. The glass paint should result in a transparent finish.

Step 7:​

The paint can be enhanced by adding creative works, such as drawings or patterns.

Step 8:​

Allow your work to dry for four hours. Do not touch it before it is entirely dry.

Step 9:​

You can fix the problem of painted light bulbs by placing them in a cold oven. First, set the temperature to the desired range. Then preheat the oven and allow it to cool before taking the bulbs out.

Expected results

The final result is fantastic. Now, you need to take the painted light bulb and screw it in a while, making sure the switch is turned off. After installation, flip the lights on and be amazed at how much of a difference this inexpensive home decoration makes.

It’s important to note that this form of DIY home decoration can be used in a variety of ways, including saving money in the following areas:

  • Themed parties;
  • Halloween parties;
  • Glass vase for flowers;
  • Pimping up your Christmas tree;
  • Hot air balloons.

Now you can have your very own chandelier from the comfort of your home. All it takes is some basic tools and materials, like light bulbs! If creativity isn’t something that excites or inspires you, this may not be for everyone. Still, I think anyone would love having such an amazing piece hanging over their dining table (or anywhere else) to make studying easier in low-light situations.

Can you do Light Bulb painting with a sharpie?

paint light bulbs - sharpie markers

Yes, permanent markers are the right way to paint light bulbs, you can definitely go for the sharpie to paint bulbs. Also, you get 30-40 various color options in sharpie markers.

If you want your old bulb back then you can easily wipe the bulb with paper using alcohol the color will be easily removed.

Can You Paint LED Bulbs With Acrylic Paint?

yes, you can paint LED bulbs with this water-based acrylic paint but remember that as it’s water-based paint it will evaporate, burn or change its color due to heat because it’s not a heat-resistant glass paint for bulbs

Ii can be a good option if you are looking for a temporary option to choose but for long-lasting it’s not recommended.


If you want to try other aspects of feng shui, like changing your light bulb into an ornament or creating a flower verse, green is an excellent color to start with. After you’ve changed your room’s color scheme to green, you may find that jetlag isn’t as bad when you return from a long flight.