Choose the right size ceiling light 2022

Choose the right size ceiling light

When it comes to designing your space and selecting the right size ceiling light don’t just go for size–make sure the light fixtures are in proportion. Whether you want something big or small (or maybe somewhere between), we recommend choosing a happy medium that’s neither overpowering nor feels oddly confined by its dimensions; this way they’ll be harmonious with what else is going on around them without being too much of either!

When getting it right in any room, the three important measurements are scale, clearance, and spacing. Here’s how to figure each one out: 


The diameter and height of a light fixture are important factors to consider when choosing a light for your home. For types of ceiling lights like chandeliers, pendants, and flush mounts in open rooms such as living rooms and bedrooms, you will want to make sure that the diameter of the light is in proportion with the height of the fixture. buying Moroccan ceiling lights can give you a different feel.

The size of a light fixture is important to think about before you buy furniture. This is the length between opposite corners of your model as well as its width across those same surfaces at their widest points.

To determine the diameter of a light fixture that would be best for your space:

Start by measuring the height, length, and width of your room.

1.Measure the length and width of the room in feet. 

Example: 15 feet by 12 feet

2. Add the two lengths together. 

Example: 15 + 12 = 27 feet

3. If you need to convert feet to inches, divide the number of feet by 12.

For example, if you have 27 feet, that is equal to 27 inches.

4. This is the ideal size for a light fixture in this room. 

Example: 22 inches wide


1.To determine the height of a light fixture that’s best for your space: Measure the height of the room (floor to ceiling) in feet. 

Example: 10 feet high

2. If you want to find out how tall your tree is, multiply the height by 2.5″ to 3″ per foot. 

For example, if your tree is 10 feet tall, multiply 10 by 2.5″ to 3″, which equals 25-30 feet.

3. Convert the value to inches. 

Example: 25-30 feet > 25-30 inches

This is the right height for a light fixture in this room.


The distance from the front edge or side wall plus half-height down into interior space above floor level is required for placement before plumbing fixtures disappear over lip around tub/shower tray outlets where no surface meets framing members below.

The clearance a light fixture needs depends on the space it is being used in. If the fixture is being used in a small room, it will need to be hung lower than if it is being used in a large room.

Don’t hang anything too low in a space where people might be walking underneath it. Make sure that the fixture is high enough so that people won’t hit their heads on it.

  • You should leave a space of 7 feet from the bottom of the fixture to the floor.
  • If you have a low ceiling, consider a flush mount to achieve the clearance and general lighting requirements for the room.
  • Chandeliers or pendants should be hung in an open foyer or hallway with the bottom at least 6″ higher than the door.


The spacing around and between lighting fixtures is also important. This includes the distance between the light and surrounding furniture, like a kitchen island or dining room table. In the kitchen and dining room, lights over a surface should be hung at a height and have a diameter or width that follows the guidelines above.

Lighting Over a Dining Room Table

When choosing a table, consider its shape and size.

  • Extended, rectangular or oval tables perform nicely with linear suspension or multi-light trinket choices.
  • If you want to hang a pendant or chandelier, square or round tables work best. Hang the light fixture in the middle of the table.
  • If you want to make your home look more dramatic, try using a round canopy multi-light.
  • If you want multiple pendants, smaller ones placed in a line across the table will make as much of a statement.
  • When placing a fixture over a table, make sure that the width or length is at least 1 foot shorter than the total length of the table (or 6″ smaller on each side).
  • The ideal height for a chandelier is between 28″ and 36″ from the bottom of the fixture to the tabletop.

Lighting Above a Kitchen Island

Pendants and mini pendants are often used as a source of ambient and task lighting in kitchens. When choosing pendants, give yourself a similar distance between each one. Use this procedure to calculate how much space you need:

  • Measure the length of the table in inches. 

Example: 60″ wide

  • To figure out the combined diameter of pendants you want, add up the diameters of each one. 

For example, if you want three pendants with an 8″ diameter each, the combined diameter would be 24″.

  • Take the combined diameter of the island and subtract it from the length of the island. 

Example: 60″ – 24″= 36″

Since we started with 3 pendants, we’ll need to add 1 more. This will show the space between each pendant and the ends of the island.

now let’s divide the subtracted value by available pendants.

36″ ÷ 4 = 9″

You’ll want to aim for 9 inches of space between each pendant.


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