How to remove a bathroom light fixture without screws?

If you’re looking for a way to remove a bathroom light fixture without screws, you’ve come to the right place. There are a few ways to remove a bathroom light fixture without screws; we’ll review some of them here. When you find out that the light fixture won’t break, your plan for a quick replacement goes sour.

Follow the procedure below that matches your light type to remove a no-screw bathroom light fixture:

  • Spring-Loaded Mechanism: Pry by pulling and nudging.
  • Slotted Connectors: Turn and pull down.
  • Flush Mount: Turn and lower.

Procedure to follow to remove a bathroom light fixture without screws

Notch or Groove Mechanism:

Twist and pull down. If your light has a notch or groove mechanism, twist and pull the light down. The dome will be attached to the base using a notch or groove mechanism, as seen here. It’s easiest to remove this part with help from another person. After you’ve found a partner, you can begin the process.

remove a bathroom light fixture without screws


  1. A should apply pressure to the base; you can push it against the ceiling or wall.
  2. B should Twist the dome away from the base to detach it.
  3. Once detached, the fixture should easily dismantle.

If you fail the first time, try again because the notch in the dome might be twisted away from the groove. So keep pushing down on the bottom and twisting the dome till you locate the groove. It will fall off its own accord once released from the groove.

Isn’t it simple? The good news is that reconnecting everything is just as easy.

Here’s how:

  1. The person on the right should push the base against the ceiling/wall with his foot.
  2. Another person should twist the dome-shaped object into the base until it fits snugly into the groove.
  3. After inserting the tubes in the fixture, both parties can remove their hands.

Spring-Loaded Mechanism

This fixture style is screwed together with tight springs in the base and dome.

Here’s how to remove this kind of light fixture:

  1. To remove a light fixture, start by teasing a flathead screwdriver or knife between the base of the light fixture and the wall/ceiling.
  2. Put your fingers through the gap and slide the tool back and forth until there is adequate space to get your fingertips between the base and the wall/ceiling.
  3. With your hands, pull the fixture off of the springs.

Sometimes the simplest things are clever and fun to use. This is one of those times! The light fixture has been designed with a spring-loaded mechanism that allows you to change your bulb without having any contact between wall or ceiling surface railings – it’s like hands-free driving.

To put it back together, simply push it down toward the base. It should click into place with a little shoving.

What if you’re concerned about not being able to reassemble the fixture? Even if you only take off one dome, there will be plenty of working space around the bulb. When you’re finished, removing just one dome makes snapping everything back together much easier.

A pressure mechanism has been incorporated into certain spring-loaded fixtures. When the pressure on the base is released, the fixture will separate the base from the dome. The springs will be depressed, and the dome will withdraw due to this force.

Slotted Connectors

How to remove this type of light feature:

To remove it from alignment with the bumps, twist the dome.

  1. Pull the light fixture down from the ceiling; it should come away in your hands.
  2. Locate the raised bumps and line them up with the groves in the dome. 

Place it again

  1. Find the raised bumps and match them up with the lines in the dome.
  2. Twist the dome against the base to force the slotted connectors into place. After it’s attached, you may release your grip on the fixture.

Flush Mount 

This light fixture is mounted flush against the ceiling or wall.

To remove this light feature, follow these steps:

  1. Find the final decorative element in the center of the dome.
  2. Remove the dome by turning the finial anticlockwise. Wrap one hand around the dome as you do so. The dome should start to peel away from the base as you turn the final.
  3. Unscrew the finial altogether to remove the dome.

It’s easy to take apart, but you’ll need a precise hand to put it back together.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Use your hands to twist the finial clockwise into the dome’s base.
  2. Screw the finial to the base of the fixture’s dome with the finial and base of the dome joined. Screwing the finial around with your hands until the dome is firmly in place will help you.)