How To Remove Ceiling light cover no screws

Sometimes Removing a ceiling light cover without screws can be challenging, but it’s not unsolvable. This composition will show you how to remove the ceiling light cover with no screws.

Remember that the same method may differ depending on your light fixture type. But with a bit of patience and some basic skills, you should be capable of obtaining the job done without any problem.

Another way is to cut the cover off with a mileage cutter. Be attentive not to cut any cables or electrical cords behind the light cover. Once the cover is out, you can wind the light institution from the ceiling. Read on for further information!


Notch or groove instrument:

Tools to remove ceiling light cover without screws

Using a notch or groove medium, you can remove a ceiling light cover without screws. With a pry bar, get underneath the border of the light cover and gently pry it off.

You have to apply more force while taking care not to damage any wiring or electrical cords behind the light cover. Once the cover is out, you can wind the light institution from the ceiling.

Spring Loaded:

spring loaded ceiling light

These are the most common type of ceiling lights. The cover is attached to the base with a small essence spring. To remove, push up on the bottom of the cover until it pops off. there is wiring behind the light cover, so just be careful not to damage it

Clip mechanism:

Remove Ceiling light cover

Ceiling lights usually have a small clip on the top of the bulb that helps hold it in place. You’ll need to push down on one side of the clip until it opens and can be removed.

Removing the light cover can result in injury or damage to wiring. When removing the cover, use caution and support, and don’t hit any of the wires.

Threaded retainer:


To remove the glass shade or diffuser, coil it from the base to release tension. Next, you can use a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the retainer.

Once the threaded retainer is loose, you can remove the light cover with your hands by pulling it down from the ceiling. Sometimes, you may need to use a mileage cutter rather than a flat-head screwdriver to loosen the retainer.

The cover comes loose by turning the mileage cutter in the gaps between the ceiling and cover.

Slotted Connectors:

Still, if your ceiling light cover has slotted connectors. You can use a putty knife to slowly pry up on the slotted connectors until they pop off.

You can also try to twist the connector back and forth with needle nose pliers until it comes loose. After that, you can pull down the light cover from the ceiling.

Flush Mount

Remove Ceiling light cover

Avoid an unsightly switch or cord show by searching for a light fixture with a built-in ceiling mount. These are generally located behind the light cover.

To remove the light cover,  you need to push down your fingers on the switch/lever and gently pull up on the light cover until it pops off. Once enough pressure is applied, gently pull up the light cover from underneath. Be careful not to damage any wires or other equipment behind.


STEP 1: Inspect your fixture

Before you begin, look closely at your ceiling light institution to determine how it’s attached to the ceiling. The light cover will be cropped or squinched onto the institution in utmost cases.

STEP 2: Unclip the cover

Still, release the clips holding it in place, If your light cover is cropped onto the institution. There will be two clips in utmost cases – one on each side of the cover. Once you release the clips, the cover should come right out.

STEP 3: Use pressure on the edges

Sometimes, you may need to apply pressure on the edges of the light cover to get it to pop off. You can do this by placing a chisel or hammer against the edge of the cover and gently tapping it with a mallet until it breaks free from the institution.

STEP 4: DISCONNECT ANY WIRING/CORDS. Disconnect any wiring cords

If you want to safely remove the light cover, then disconnect any wires or electrical cords that may be attached after the successful removal of the light. Inspect the fixture for any damage; if it is too much, contact a professional electrician.

STEP 5: Replace the light bulb

Once you have safely removed and reinstalled your ceiling light fixture, you’ll need to replace the light bulb. In most cases, you will need to use a screwdriver to remove the old bulb to replace it with a new one. so please follow the manufacturer’s instructions

STEP 6: Reattach the ceiling light cover

Once you have checked that the new light bulb is working fine, the ceiling light cover is back on.

If it’s screwed into the fixture, add a few screws to hold it in place. Once the cover is attached, turn on the light switch and enjoy your new light!

Some helpful tips and suggestions

Ceiling light covers are installed using several different methods. Often, screws are used and can be removed, but sometimes the cover is secured with a glue pad. If you are having difficulty removing the cover because of this glue pad, there are some helpful tips below to help get the job done:

1. Use a putty knife to slowly pry open the edges of the light cover until it pops off from the fixture

2. Applying a little heat to the glue pad might make removing it easier. You can try using a hairdryer or heat gun, though this will likely vary based on what type of adhesive you’re using.

3. If the cover is still not coming off after all that, you may need to use a chemical solvent such as acetone or Goo Gone

4. Use a dry cloth to rub over the glue, and it should start to break down.

5. Use pliers or another tool to remove the fixture’s cover carefully.

6. If any residue is left on the surface, you may need sandpaper or a wire brush to remove it.

5 Alternatives to remove Ceiling Light Cover:

1. Using a utility Knife:

Remove Ceiling light cover

Using a utility knife or another sharp tool, you can remove a ceiling light cover without screws. Use the blade to cut around the edges of the light until it comes free.

When unscrewing the fixture to replace it, be sure to do so over an old towel or another soft surface that will cushion any shock as the fixture is lowered. Once you’ve cut through the light cover, you can unscrew it from the ceiling and put it aside so as not to accidentally nick yourself.

2. Using Pry Bar

Remove Ceiling light cover

There are a couple of ways to remove a light cover that you might not have a utility knife for – you could use a pry bar or other flat object and pry it up gently.

Be careful not to damage any wiring or electrical cords behind the cover.

3. Needle nose pliers :

Remove Ceiling light cover

One of the most frustrating things about a ceiling light is when the cover won’t come off. This can be due to screws that are too long, screws that are jammed, or simply because you’ve lost the screw in the process.

One alternative way to remove a light cover without screws is to use needle-nose pliers to pull on the metal tabs in each corner of the plate and gently pull.

Twist the pliers at the edge of the fixture cover, and it should come loose from the ceiling. You should be extra careful not to damage electrical wires or anything else behind your light cover

4. Hammer or Chiesel

Remove Ceiling light cover

Sometimes, using a hammer or chisel may be suitable to remove a ceiling light cover without screws.

Tap near the edges of the light cover with a hammer so that it will easily pop outs. Be gentle when using this method. Do not damage wiring or electrical cords while using this technique.

5. Dremel tool

 Dremel tool

Removing a ceiling light cover is one job you might be able to do with a Dremel or other electric rotary tool. If not, it’s best to have an electrician do it for you.

To remove the fixture, simply cut around the edges until it is free from the ceiling. You may wish to wear safety glasses or goggles for this job and avoid any wiring or wires behind the light cover.


Removing a ceiling light cover without using screws can be time-consuming; it’s a relatively simple task that can be completed with many introductory tools. Ceiling light covers can be removed without screws by using a pry bar. Pry the cover off gently, starting at one corner and working your way around.

Be careful not to damage the light fixture or wiring when removing the cover. If you want to remove the ceiling light cover with no screws, follow these steps, and you should be able to get the job done.

A ceiling light cover with no screws is a common problem that many homeowners face. There are a few ways to fix this problem, but the easiest way is to remove the cover without any screws.

Have you ever needed to remove a ceiling light cover but didn’t have any screws? This article showed you how to do it! If you have any questions feel free to comment below!

Removing a ceiling light cover can be tricky if you don’t have a screwdriver. This article showed us how to remove the cover and take the light bulb out in just six steps!

What makes a ceiling light cover good? 

You shouldn’t need any tools to install or remove your ceiling cover, and it should be attractive enough that it doesn’t take away from the look of your light fixture.

What is the benefit of no screw ceiling light cover?

The no-screw ceiling light cover offers one of the most important features: the ability to remove or replace the bulb without taking off the cover. They’re also handy for ensuring that no one gets shocked when handling the cover on their own.


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