What Are the Standard Curtain Sizes?

If you’re looking to add curtains to your home, it’s important to know the standard curtain sizes. This way, you can be sure that your curtains will fit your windows perfectly. Of course, you can always custom-order curtains to fit your specific window size. But if you’re looking for a quick and easy solution, these standard curtain sizes should do the trick.

Not only can curtains add a touch of style to any room, but they can also provide shade and privacy. But with all the different sizes and lengths available, it can be tough to decide which one is right for you. So, what are the standard curtain sizes?

Curtain sizes come in many different widths and lengths. The most common curtain categories are 44-inch, 66-inch, es or 90-inches long, but you can also find 84″ curtains as well!

While curtains that are large enough to cover a window may be tempting, resist the urge.

What Are the Standard Curtain Sizes?

Curtains normally come in one width, with various potential lengths.

The width is fixed at 48 inches, but the length varies to give you more control. You can choose between 63 inches, 84 inches, 96 inches, and 108 inches, depending on your needs.

The type of window you have determines the size, length, and placement (near the floor) of your curtain.


Most curtains size approximately 48 inches wide, with the length being the variable dimension depending on what style window you have and your personal preference.

The primary obstacle is the length rather than the width. Furthermore, you can add multiple curtains to your window if it is large enough. This will help you create the look you desire.


Curtain size mainly differs based on curtain length, which comes in 4 different sizes.

  • 63 inches or 160 cm
  • 84 inches or 213 cm
  • 96 inches or 244 cm
  • 108 inches or 274 cm
  • 120 inches or 305 cm

You typically won’t find a curtain longer than 120 inches or shorter than 63 inches. Also, keep in mind that you shouldn’t buy curtains the same size as your windowpanes; this leaves an unpleasant space at both the top and bottom.

To avoid drafts, buy curtains that are wide and long enough to cover the entire window, gaps included.

A minimum of 6 inches between the curtains and the bottom of the window is ideal for providing privacy with no gaps.

It’s also important to think about how tall your ceilings are and what kind of atmosphere you want your curtains to create.

Styles for Curtain Panels

The article discusses curtain lengths for various style preferences.


The floating panel style is perfect for those who want to create an environment that’s both relaxing and inviting. It provides you with a broad view while also giving your windows some added curb appeal!

They are designed to float seamlessly between the ceiling and floor, so you can enjoy utmost privacy while still having an elegant appearance.

You can also achieve an elegant look by adding draperies to tie your floating curtains together. A lighter or sheer color will give you a gentle effect while bringing in light, so this would work best for rooms with less ambient lighting than others where it may be too much on its own without any other sources illuminating nearby surfaces like walls, etc.


Just like a puddle, these curtains are long and hang over your floor. They’re also more than the size of one’s window; in fact, they can be as tall as you want! But there is some upkeep required with them- especially if we want clean lines instead of messy folds at our windowsills (or wherever)!

Puddles give off such an elegant vibe that it would go wrong trying any other type for this reason alone: patterned fabrics don’t look good against plain walls or cheap rugs though, so keep that in mind when shopping.


Tiebacks are a great way to add some extra flair to your curtain panels. They come in all sorts of shapes, sizes, and colors, so you can really tailor them to your own personal style. Plus, they’re functional as well! Tiebacks help keep your curtains from blowing around in the wind or getting tangled up when you open and close them.

Floor Kissing

Floor-length curtains are a beautiful addition to large or tall rooms. They tend to be long but not so long that they drag on the floor.

If you want your floor-length curtains to cover the floor, buy them slightly longer than needed so they can be shortened if necessary.

Also, you don’t want curtains that come up to your ankles.

Moreover, it’s more advantageous to purchase curtains that are a few inches longer than your windowpane rather than ones barely grazing the floor.

Purchasing custom-made floor kissing curtains is easier than measuring and shortening the curtains by yourself.

Special Lengths

Curtains of special lengths are perfect for windows that only need partial coverage, such as kitchens and living rooms.

Special lengths curtains should be lightweight and thin since they’ll hold onto odor, which can lead to an overall bad smell. There are three different types of these fabrics:

  • Valances: They are 5 inches long, so they can cover the entire window and block out direct sunlight. You’ll find them more often in older houses that have a cottage style.
  • Window sill curtains: These curtains sit at the level of your window sill, which is a unique height that complements kitchen shelves and counters.
  • Tier curtains: These curtains are designed to cover only the lower half of a window, measuring 30-35 inches in length. They provide just enough privacy while still allowing light to enter the room.

How to Correctly Measure the Curtain Length

The best way to get curtains that are the appropriate length is by measuring from the floor up. Short curtains are not only awkward looking, but they can also be a pain to deal with. Make sure you measure correctly the first time by using a reliable measuring tape.

Make sure your curtain rod is at least 4 inches above the top of your window. Take your measurements multiple times to ensure accuracy, and jot them down as you go.

Final Thoughts

With this guide, selecting the best curtains for your home should be a walk in the park. Be sure to take note of the size and style of your window, as well as your personal preferences, when making your decision. With so many great options available, there’s no reason not to find the perfect set of curtains for your home today!