How to Decorate the Back of Your Toilet

Revamp your bathroom with a stylish, functional backsplash or an appealing mirror decor behind the toilet. Discover valuable tips for selecting suitable materials, professional installation advice, and cleaning maintenance to keep your bathroom looking polished. Explore a variety of space-saving wall-mounted storage options to further enhance your bathroom décor and organization.

Ever looked at the back of your toilet and thought it’s a bit drab? We’ve been there. That’s why we’re sharing our top tips on how to spruce up the back of your toilet. We believe even the smallest spaces in our homes deserve a touch of style and character.

Decorating the back of your toilet might seem like a strange concept at first. But trust us, it’s an overlooked area that can add a surprising amount of charm to your bathroom. With a few simple tweaks, you can transform it into an appealing feature that complements your bathroom decor.

Key Takeaways

  • The back of the toilet offers ample potential to add charm and style to your bathroom. Assess the space, choose a theme, and decorate accordingly.
  • Introducing a floating shelf is a great way to optimize the space above the toilet, offering both form and function.
  • Displaying artwork or personal photographs above the toilet can inject some personality into your bathroom decor, as long as they align with the overall theme.
  • Greenery, such as indoor plants, can instill freshness into the bathroom and work well in both high and low light conditions.
  • Decorative baskets or trays can uplift the back of the toilet area, providing stylish storage space and adding a dash of panache.
  • Installing a decorative backsplash behind your toilet is an unconventional, yet highly effective strategy to add character to your bathroom.
  • Adding a mirror above the toilet can enhance the visual appeal of the space, providing a functional purpose while adding depth to smaller spaces.
  • Lastly, utilizing wall-mounted storage options like floating shelves, a towel rack, or a mini cabinet can transform the vertical space above the toilet into a stylish and functional space.

1. Assess the Space

Let’s kick start the process with understanding the space we’re working with. As we know, bathroom spaces can greatly vary. Before assuming what will fit, we’ve to precisely measure the space on the back of the toilet. After all, even the smallest detail matters when it comes to decorating.

Finding the height, width, and depth of this area lets us have a clear idea about the size and quantity of decor pieces we can accommodate. Not only does this process eliminate the possibilities of clutter, but it also optimizes the quest for perfect pieces. Mainly, we’re looking to add appeal without disrupting functionality.

Make sure to document all the measurements properly. This vital information will come in handy while shopping for decor enhancers. Here’s a simple example of how to track measurements in a markdown table:

Height Width Depth
Space 1 15 cm 20 cm 10 cm

Let’s move on to the fun part – envisioning the look. After getting the measurements, it’s imperative to visualize what we want our toilet’s back space to look like. This vision helps define a clear path for our decor journey.

Consider the overall theme of the bathroom. Vibrant hues or a muted palette? Fancy or minimalist? These key questions will help in sketching a mental image for the back of the toilet, ensuring it aligns with the overall room decor.

The final step of this phase involves us taking stock of what we already have. We can’t deny the possibility of finding an attractive decor piece lying unused at home. Exploring our home before hitting the shops might just help us find the perfect piece that adds that bit of charm to our bathroom.

Only after doing this groundwork, we can move on to the next phase: selecting and buying decor pieces.

2. Choose a Theme or Style

With the measurements you’ve taken and your preliminary vision in mind, let’s dip our toes into the exciting world of themes and styles. Your chosen theme or style will guide you in selecting the appropriate accessories, color schemes, and the overall mood for the area behind the toilet.

It’s essential to think about the bathroom’s overall theme. Consider whether you want to extend the existing style or pivot towards an entirely new design direction. Options can range from traditional and rustic to modern and minimalistic. Well-loved themes include beachfront, forest, Zen spa, or even pop culture based.

There truly is no limit to how creative you can get. Yet, remember it’s important to find a balance; often simple and subtle designs are more engaging and less overwhelming than extreme designs.

Moreover, be mindful of the colors you choose. They should complement the overall ambiance of the bathroom and not clash with it.

To keep things organized and brainstorm efficiently, we recommend creating a table to jot down your favorite styles, colors, accessories, and how they fit with the overall theme. This will help streamline your decisions and keep your vision clear.

Example markdown table:

Theme/Style Colors Accessories
Beachfront Light blue, sand, white Shells, beach-themed decor
Modern Black, white, grey Minimalistic pieces
Zen spa White, green, brown Candles, stones, plants

3. Add a Floating Shelf

Floating shelves truly optimize the space above the toilet and bring a modern edge to any bathroom. Let’s dive into how we can incorporate them effectively.

First off, we’ll need to determine the shelf’s size. This step harks back to the measurements we originally took of the space above the toilet. The shelf should fit comfortably into the space without projecting out too much.

After measuring, we’d head onto the exciting process of matching the shelf to our chosen theme. A wooden shelf synchronizes perfectly with a rustic theme while a glass shelf might just be the right fit for minimalistic aesthetics. Here, the key is to maintain a harmony of material, color, and theme. For clarity, we could create a markdown table outlining our possible options for shelves and their corresponding themes like below:

Shelf Material Suitable Themes
Wood Rustic, Traditional, Forest
Glass Minimalistic, Modern
Metal Industrial, Modern

With selection and purchase done, it’s onto installation now. Depending on the type of floating shelf purchased, the installation method may vary. Generally, it’ll include attaching brackets to the wall and then placing the shelf on these brackets. Remember, safety first! Use necessary tools, and never hesitate to seek professional help if it’s out of your expertise.

There we have it! We’ve successfully added a floating shelf to our decor pieces for the back of the toilet, breathing life and exhibiting our unique sense of style. Now we can choose ornaments or even practical items such as extra toilet paper or towels to adorn our newly installed floating shelf.

4. Display Artwork or Photographs

Injecting personality into your bathroom compositions isn’t as daunting as it might seem. It’s simply a matter of showcasing some art or lovingly curated photographs above the toilet. This can instantly breathe a new lease of life into your bathroom. No matter the size or style of your art, it’s important to ensure it complements your bathroom theme. Therein lies the secret to creating a harmonious and visually interesting bathroom space.

Hanging artwork or photographs involves a few steps. These can be surmised as follows:

  1. Choose your art or photographs: Prefer images that resonate with you. They lend a unique touch to your bathroom décor. Think of a soothing landscape or a favorite family photograph.
  2. Invest in quality frames: Good frames protect your art or photographs from the moisture. Opt for frames that match your overall décor theme. Imagine a sleek chrome frame for a modern aesthetic or a distressed wooden frame for a rustic feel.
  3. Determine the optimal hanging height: To find the perfect height for your artwork, eye level generally works best. However, adjust as necessary depending on the toilet.

A gallery of small photos or a single piece of significant size can lend a unique touch to your bathroom. However, avoid hanging highly personal photographs or artwork that might make guests uncomfortable.

Here’s a table of some popular frame materials and their best suited themes:

Frame Material Best Suited Add-on Item
Wood Rustic Theme
Chrome Modern Theme
Rattan Bohemian Theme

5. Incorporate Greenery

Incorporating greenery is an unbeatable strategy to instill freshness into the bathroom while simultaneously providing a natural aesthetic above the toilet. Indoor plants not only beautify our space but also clean our air and improve our mood.

While choosing plants, bear in mind the light and humidity conditions in your bathroom. Prefer plants that thrive in high humidity and low to medium light conditions. If your bathroom gets a good amount of light, sturdy, bright foliage plants can be a great choice. On the other hand, if your bathroom does not receive much natural light, opt for shade-loving plants.

Let’s look at the table below for some great indoor plants for bathrooms:

Plant Name Light Requirement Humidity Requirement Care Level
Spider Plant Low to Bright, Indirect High Low
Boston Fern Low to Bright, Indirect High Medium
Succulents Bright, Direct Low to High Low
ZZ Plant Low to Bright, Indirect Low to Medium Low
Snake Plant Low to Bright, Indirect Low to Medium Low

Once you’ve selected the perfect plant that suits your bathroom’s conditions, find a beautiful pot that matches your aesthetics. Place it on your floating shelf or hang it from the ceiling to create a vertical green space. Besides, make sure the plant is secure and will not risk a fall.

We’re one step further in transforming our bathroom into a stylish and relaxing sanctuary. Filling our space with elevated aesthetics, our next section will explore the next innovative idea for decorating the back of the toilet. Stay tuned.

6. Use Decorative Baskets or Trays

Smoothly transitioning from the concept of greenery, let’s take our journey ahead to another elegant solution — decorative baskets or trays. We’ve all seen these stylish additions on Pinterest and interior design websites, and now it’s time to bring them to our own bathrooms.

Baskets and trays can offer an instant uplift to the back of the toilet area, making it a perfect spot for storage while adding a dash of panache. Whether it’s a wicker basket matching a boho-chic aesthetic or a sleek metal tray for a modern appeal, the options are endless.

To help you choose the perfect basket or tray, we’ve created a compact table listing popular materials and their suited themes:

Material Suited Themes
Wicker Boho, Rustic
Metal Modern, Industrial
Wood Vintage, Rustic
Glass Minimal, Contemporary

Once you’ve selected your desired accessory, consider what items you’d like to place on top. It could be essential toiletries, such as hand soap and lotion, or perhaps decorative items like perfumed candles or a small vase with fresh flowers.

When placing items, follow the golden rule of threes and fives. Odd numbers are more appealing and adjust easily to the eyes. So, arrange the objects in groups of three or five for a balanced look.

The last tidbit to keep in mind is to ensure these accessories don’t turn into clutter. Keep it neat, clean, and organized. Moreover, the objects should be easily reachable and secured to avoid any accidents or spills.

Before we unveil the next innovative idea, let’s embrace this simple yet compelling tip to enhance the décor above our toilets. With these baskets and trays in place, we’re turning a usually dull spot into a charming nook, exhibiting a perfect fusion of functionality and style.

7. Install a Decorative Backsplash

Next, we’d like to share a more unconventional yet highly effective technique: installing a decorative backsplash behind your toilet. A backsplash isn’t just for kitchens or showers anymore; it’s gradually securing its place in the bathroom aesthetics realm, particularly around the toilet area, just like a protective shield with heaps of style.

Think of the backsplash as a canvas on which to splash your personality. Be sure your selection aligns with the overall style, color scheme, and materials in your bathroom. For an elegant and timeless aesthetic go for natural stone, stainless steel or ceramic tile. To achieve a contemporary look, try a mix of geometric or 3D patterns.

Depending upon your style, here are some options to consider.

Material Aesthetic
Natural Stone Elegant
Stainless Steel Modern
Ceramic Tile Classic
Geometric or 3D Tile Contemporary

After making your selection, we recommend seeking professional help for installation. This isn’t a DIY job for everyone. Tiles should be placed by experts to ensure they are secure and waterproof. If you’re experienced, you’ll need a few essential tools to have on hand. They include adhesive, grout, a level, a sponge, and a tile cutter.

Once the backsplash is installed, maintain it with appropriate cleaning products. Stone and ceramic tiles, for instance, may need different cleaning tactics to prevent damage. Lastly, we can’t stress enough how important it is to keep it looking fresh and clean. A backsplash adds a significant impact only when it’s well-maintained.

After you’ve got that beautiful backsplash ready, why not make the most of it by strategically placing some scented candles on the toilet tank? It’s a fantastic way to create a soothing ambiance and a truly enviable bathroom retreat.

8. Hang a Mirror

Adding a mirror may seem like an unconventional choice for toilet decor, but trust us: it works wonders. Not only does it serve a functional purpose, but it also significantly enhances the visual appeal of the space. With an endless range of styles, sizes, and shapes to choose from, it’s easy to find a mirror that fits your specific aesthetic and bathroom decor.

The key to successfully hanging a mirror behind the toilet involves careful placement, solid hardware, and meticulous accuracy. Here’s a simple guide to help you navigate the process:

  1. Determine the size and style of the mirror. Measure the space first to ensure the mirror fits adequately.
  2. Procure a suitable mirror based on your preferred aesthetic and the measurements.
  3. Use a level tool to measure and mark the spot where you’ll hang the mirror. It’s vital to ensure the mirror hangs straight.
  4. Safely and securely mount the mirror to the wall using sturdy hardware.

An essential factor to consider when hanging a mirror is the reflection it will project. An ideal reflection could be a decorative element, a chandelier, or colorful artwork.

Mirrors also work well in smaller spaces. In a tiny bathroom, they can create a sense of depth and amplify lighting. It’s like hitting two birds with one, stylish stone. Plus, catching a glimpse of yourself before exiting the bathroom can offer that quick assurance everything’s in order before you face the world.

Remember: regular cleaning is as necessary for your mirror as it is for your backsplash. Using a high-quality glass cleaner ensures it maintains clarity and shine.

While we could harp on about the multifaceted advantages of adding a mirror to your toilet decor, there’s more to explore. We’ll now move onto another interesting and easy-to-do method you can leverage to spruce up the space behind your loo: Hanging an overhead shelf.

9. Utilize Wall-Mounted Storage

One of the overlooked areas for enhancing your bathroom’s decor is the vertical space above the toilet. Adding wall-mounted storage can serve dual purposes: it can provide extra storage while enhancing the look of your bathroom.

Before we get into the heart of it, let’s ensure we know our space availability. We recommend measuring the wall space, height, and width, directly above the toilet. Depending on the measurements and the layout of your bathroom, different wall-mounted storage solutions exist.

One popular storage option is floating shelves. They do not require significant space and are available in a variety of styles to suit your bathroom decor.

Another option is the towel rack. This can be a decorative piece that allows you to add some style while giving you the option to hang decorative or hand towels.

Lastly, wall-mounted baskets or a mini cabinet could be easily located above the toilet. This can give you a little more storage and, at the same time, add to the overall look of the bathroom.

To choose between these options, we should consider what items will be stored. If you’re planning to store towels, then a towel rack or a mini cabinet would be a good choice. If the main goal is to store small bathroom essentials like extra toilet paper, toiletries, or decor elements, then floating shelves or baskets would be perfect.

To assist you with the selection process, let’s look at the pros and cons of each option.

Storage Option Pros Cons
Floating shelves Versatile, stylish, easy to install Limited weight capacity
Towel rack Functional, accessible, stylistic appeal May require more space
Mini cabinet Maximum storage, hides clutter Installation may require professional help
Baskets Practical, country chic, easy to install Not as sleek or modern

With our guidance and your diligent attention to detail, it’s not a hard task to transform the area above your toilet into a functional space. A bathroom isn’t just for personal hygiene, it’s a reflection of your personal style and taste. Make every square inch count, including the back of the toilet! As for cleaning and maintenance, it’s usually kept to a minimum for wall-mounted storage options, subject to the material and your usage.

10. Conclusion

We’ve explored how to breathe life into your bathroom by decorating the back of the toilet. From stylish backsplashes to strategically placed mirrors and clever storage solutions, there’s no shortage of ways to elevate your bathroom’s aesthetic. Remember, it’s all about choosing elements that reflect your personal style and the existing bathroom decor. Don’t shy away from professional help for tasks like backsplash installation. Keep those mirrors and backsplashes clean to maintain their shine and appeal. With the right approach, the back of your toilet can become a focal point, adding depth and character to your bathroom. It’s a small change that can make a big difference. So go ahead and transform that overlooked space into a stylish and functional area. You’ll be amazed at the results.

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