Gazebo Cost: how much cost to build gazebo ?

Gazebo cost guide

When you think about adding a gazebo to your backyard, the first thing that comes to mind is likely money. You might be wondering how much it would cost for one and we’re here with an answer: It all depends on where exactly in relation to what type of design or size!

Now let’s Talk about gazebo costs. Below, we have dissected everything related to pricing so that you are fully informed before making a purchase.

Gazebo Cost

The Average Gazebo Cost

The Avg cost : around 7000$
Minimum Cost : 300$
Maximum Cost : 29,000$

If you want to build your own gazebo, there are two options: the ground-up version and the prebuilt one. The cost of these varies depending on what materials they’re made with; let’s talk about that more in detail now!

If building from scratch sounds like too much work or just not worth it then consider buying one instead – most people find themselves satisfied by looking at their new accessory rather than actually doing any manual labor. There is always option three where someone has both types available so no need for concern if this happens across town

Cost Of Building A Gazebo

If you want a gazebo in your garden and plan to build it from scratch, be aware that there are numerous costs associated with the project.

The steps involved in building a home—from planning to design, expert hiring, and choosing construction materials and processes—can feel endless. Not only is the construction process long, but it seems like the expenses are never-ending.

The average cost to build a gazebo in your backyard ranges from $4000 – $16000, but that price varies wildly depending on the size, materials used, the style chosen, and other factors. If you want a tailor-made garden feature, be prepared to have a more flexible budget than if you were to buy one.

Cost Of Buying A Gazebo

An increasingly popular option for garden structures is buying a gazebo from a store. This is more convenient than hiring a contractor, making a plan, and doing everything from the beginning. All you need to do is research the market ahead of time and purchase one that meets your needs.

Purchasing a pre-made gazebo is less expensive than building one from scratch because you don’t have to deal with the headache of construction. Prices for store-bought gazebos vary depending on factors such as size and included features, but generally cost between $900-$3500.

If you don’t know how to install it, hiring an expert would cost an additional $100 to $200.

Gazebo Cost By Size

The size of the gazebo is an important factor to consider when budgeting. Generally, a bigger structure will require more manpower and resources, thus raising the price.

When the framework is on the smaller side, you can expect to pay less for the final product, whether you are building it from scratch or installing a pre-assembled one.

Gazebo SizeCustome Gazebo CostPre-built Gazebo Cost
8 X 8 ft.$4000-$5500$900-$1200
9 x 9 ft.$6000-$8000$1300-$1700
10 x 10 ft.$8200-$10000$1800-$2200
12 x 12 ft.$10000-$11600$2300-$2890
14 x 14 ft.$11700-$16100$2900-$3500

Gazebo Cost By Shape

The shape of your gazebo can make a world of difference when it comes to the final price tag. If you want something with an edge, go for a hexagon or octagonal design- they’re sure not to be boring!

But if the character is what matters most, then try out some other shapes like pentagons (five-pointed stars) which require fewer materials than their more elaborate counterparts; remember that these different styles have varying amounts of associated costs, so keep that in mind before choosing which type suits best yours needs.

However, it is important to remember that the shape of a pre-made gazebo will not be significantly different from the one you construct yourself. Therefore, the only difference lies in the construction process itself.

Gazebo cost according to shape

Cost Of Construction Materials

The type of construction materials is a primary factor to consider when estimating the final cost of a gazebo. This framework can be made from different types like wood, metal, and more!

The cost of your garden house is significantly impacted by the material you choose.

In this article, we will discuss how different construction materials can affect the cost of a custom-built gazebo. For simplicity’s sake, we will exclude store-bought versions as they are usually made with similar materials.

Cost Of Construction Materials,
Gazebo cost according to Size

Cost Of Roof Materials

The material of your custom garden gazebo greatly affects how it will look and feel. You might be spending a lot more money than expected on the roof, but that’s because there are so many different choices to make!

The per square foot cost for shingles versus glass or slate is also worth considering when making an investment like this one – know what you’re getting into before buying all ready-made materials instead if they don’t suit our needs perfectly already.

To help you make an informed decision about what roofing material to choose for your needs, we’ve gathered data on cost per 100 square feet. Note that the total price of a gazebo’s roof also depends on its size.

Cost Of Roof Materials

Built-In Seating

A defining feature of a gazebo is the presence of a built-in sitting area with benches, perfect for relaxation. The cost of the building should be considered while budgeting, even though it is attached to the main frame.

The cost of these benches will differ based on the size and material. However, keep in mind that if you alter the dimensions of your bench, then the price will change as well.

Built-In Seating

Labor Cost

The cost of labor is another significant factor that needs to be considered when budgeting for your gazebo. For example, the cost of materials to build a 9×9 ft. custom-made gazebo for your garden could be $1,500 to $3,000; however, the labor would charge around $7,000 for this structure.

If you want to install a luxurious, high-end garden gazebo complete with all the bells and whistles, it’s going to cost you. But if you’re happy with a pre-made model, the installation shouldn’t set you back more than an extra $100-$150.

Gazebo Permit

Though gazebo permits cost money and not all states require one, you should still account for this possible expense in your budget for building a gazebo.

The average permit cost for a gazebo ranges from $50-$450, though this varies depending on the size and residency. Be sure to check with your local building authority before including this in your budget.

Cost For Additional Features


The final cost of a gazebo is largely determined by the screening and netting you choose to install. Screening kits can range from $500-$800, depending on the opening size as well as quality; while nets will set you back even more at an average price point between 600-700 dollars per panel (depending).


Your garden house will be the envy of all your friends with a gorgeous, well-lit exterior. A lighting kit costs between $1,000 and 3k but is an important addition for making sure that you can enjoy optimal visibility when inside this summer retreat!

Electrical Outlets And Wiring

If you want your garden gazebo to have extra features like lighting or a ceiling fan, you will need electrical outlets and wiring installed. If you want to install the safest wiring and outlets, it would cost you an average of $2,600.

Final Words On How Much A Gazebo Would Cost You

This article makes it clear that constructing a personalized gazebo is more expensive than simply purchasing a pre-made model. Compared to store-bought structures, custom-made ones demand more time and effort. If you’re looking to add a structure to your yard that will let you enjoy the peace of nature, has a variety of gazebos for you to choose from.