Gazebo VS Pergola: The Best One For Your Outdoor

Gazebo VS Pergola
Gazebo VS Pergola

You don’t have to worry about which framework you should adopt for your garden. They both look very similar, so it’s easy, and you naturally get confused!

It’s easy to get confused about whether you should build a gazebo or pergola in your garden– they look quite similar. We understand your anxiety and want to help you make the best decision for your garden.

This article provides a helpful comparison between Gazebos and Pergolas, so you can easily decide which best suits your patio. We have also included our verdict at the end of the article to help make your decision easier!

Gazebo And Pergola: What Are These?

Though “gazebo” is an ambiguous word, when we say it, we mean a freestanding garden structure with six or eight sides that protect against the sun, rain, and snow. Most gazebos are made with wood and metal and have fully covered roofs and half-railings around the perimeter so you can enjoy views of your surroundings.

A pergola is also a garden structure. However, it varies significantly from a gazebo. This is a modern outdoor structure that has a grid-like roof with columns to provide support. A pergola does not provide any coverage or protection from the weather because it has an open roof. If you want to make your garden more beautiful and add a tranquil evening space, this is the project for you.

Gazebo VS Pergola: What Is Better For You

The noticeable difference between a gazebo and a pergola is their structure. A gazebo has a fully covered roof to protect against the sun or rain, while a pergola only has partial coverage, letting sunlight and rain pass through.

However, there are more differences than just these. Let’s explore some key distinctions between these two types of garden structures.


The gazebo and pergola both refer to a structure in the garden. However, these structures have different designs.

Gazebos are garden houses with roofs to cover them when it rains or snow. The shape can vary depending on what you want, but they’re typically octagonal in design with some variations, including the Victorian shelter, which has an iconic style-specific umbrella-shaped roof!

The gazebo is a popular choice for summertime getaways. It often includes built-in seating areas and can be customized with different designs to match your personal style or outdoor living space needs! A pergola, on the other hand – although they share some characteristics with these structures–is more suitable if you want an open atmosphere during meals outdoors since it doesn’t offer any insulation from sun exposure.

A simple yet elegant design that would look great anywhere in both residential homes as well commercial properties alike

The framework of a pergola has pillars and posts to support the roof, but it doesn’t have a fully covered shelter like a gazebo. Instead, the roof is open with vertical posts connected to form a gridded sheltering. Also, because of this distinctive design, the top of a pergola is often flat.

This “garden house” doesn’t have any railings or sitting arrangements attached. For your refreshment, you must install chairs and tables afterward if you want to enjoy the surroundings all year long! The best idea is building a gazebo as it provides complete shelter and an excellent focal point for relaxation in this open space.

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Ease Of Constructions

Pergolas can be an aesthetically pleasing addition to your garden. They’re made up of just pillars and poles connected, which means that they require very little construction effort on the part of you or anyone else who wants one installed in their backyard!

The process of building a gazebo is quite different from that of a pergola. The first step involves cutting wood pieces to size, then Screwing them together in order to create your shelter – which anyone can do with some knowledge of how carpentry works!

Even the simplest of gazebos are tough to construct. Creating a gazebo is similar to building a house; however, it goes in the garden instead. You will have to raise the structure from the ground and support the framework accordingly. Also, as the gazebo is significantly heavier than the pergola, you must build detailed supports for safety purposes.

Better Protection

Gazebos come with a traditional covered roof which will provide you better protection against sun, rain, and other environmental elements.

This outdoor structure is exactly what you need for your patio, no matter the weather. It provides extraordinary shade and protection from the elements so that you can enjoy your time outdoors without worry.

While a pergola features a gridded roof, it isn’t as good at protecting you from the sun or rain. Sunlight and raindrops can enter the structure, making it difficult to enjoy your patio. Although vines will be grown on this framework and provide some level of protection, it won’t be enough.


When deciding between a gazebo and a pergola, durability is not the only thing that matters. The construction material of your choice will largely determine how long it lasts as well as whether maintenance needs to be done on an ongoing basis for years down the line!

If you want your garden home to the last longer, build it with exotic hardwood like teak rather than pinewood. The same is true of other building materials.

The difference between a gazebo and a pergola is that the gazebo requires more materials to build, but they’re also stronger overall. This means you can expect your gazebos to last much longer than those built from wood or similar stones!


You must remember that gazebos will always be more costly than pergolas.

Gazebos will always be more pricey to construct than pergolas because they necessitate more material and manpower.

The building process for a gazebo requires quite a bit more money and time than that of a pergola due to factors such as the roof and railings.

Depending on the size and style of the gazebo, it could cost you $1,000-$15,000. Pergolas are cheaper, typically costing only $3,000-$6,000.

Final Verdict

When choosing between a gazebo and a pergola, it is important to consider the pros and cons of each. Gazebos tend to be more expensive than pergolas, but they offer protection from the sun and rain. Pergolas are less expensive but do not provide as much protection from the elements.

If you have room in your budget and would like a long-lasting addition to making your garden look nicer, installing a gazebo would be an excellent idea.

Building a pergola would be a great garden addition if you have a new home and want to stay within budget. However, keep in mind that these are only suggestions. You should always weigh the pros and cons of each framework to decide which one best meets your needs and wants.