7 Methods To Keep Couch Cover In Place?

You know those times when you leave the couch, and your cover is already sticking to it? Gross. sometimes it’s headache to know methods to keep couch cover in place maybe you need quick fix for this problem.

There’s nothing more annoying than having to straighten or fix everything multiple times in one day, right?! Well, we don’t have long-term solutions for this problem yet, but at least there are short-term ones that can help us through until then!

Couch covers are an inexpensive and effective way to protect your furniture from wear and tear or to keep it looking clean. However, the cover can sometimes slip or roll around, making the sofa look scruffy.

Tricks To Keep Couch Cover In Place

Keep Couch Cover In Place

People want to know how to keep their couch covers in place. Here are some tricks that might help you with this problem.

1- Insertion Of Foam

Foam inserts are often the most efficient method to keep a sofa cover in place. Often, these covers come with an insert that you put between the back or arm of the couch and the seat cushion.

Push the form insert into the opening until it’s snug, and the cover will stay in place. If your forms didn’t come with a foam insert, no worries! You can purchase one from any store.

2- Sofa Tuckers Or Slipcover Tuck Grips

Slipcover strips, also called sofa tuckers, work like foam inserts. They are made of PVC. You can buy slipcover tuckers that come in different shapes and sizes.

Additionally, they make it easy to keep seat coverings or other coverings in place and prevent them from rolling. This eliminates the mess of loose folds and creases on the chairs.

3- Using a Dowel Rod

This one can be a simple trick to keep cover from rolling. Insert a dowel rod into the crack between two rows (or panels) and pull down on both ends until they meet. By tucking the cover inside, you can prevent it from unrolling.

4- Using Slipcover Straps

Most straps for slipcovers are elastic and adjustable, so they can accommodate different backrest heights and depths. Additionally, the cover will stay in place on the couch cushions.

Some brands sell the slipcover with an attached strap, but if yours doesn’t come with one, you may need to purchase it separately.

5- Use Anything That You Can Roll To Keep the Cover In Place

You can use plenty of materials to make DIY seat covers, like newspaper or a rubber non-adhesive shelf liner. Just roll it up and secure the ends with duct or masking tape.

Keep your cover in good condition by positioning the folded magazine tubes between the backrest and the seats or sides of the couch.

6- Use Upholstery Pins

Pins are functional in preventing furniture covers from slipping and can add a touch of style to your décor. By placing them along the side of the sofa, you’ll keep the cover securely in place while adding an extra element of design.

For a snug fit, stretch and pull the cover. Then use upholstery pins to secure it in place. These are also great for bed skirts or any other piece of upholstery that needs a tight fit.

7- Non-Skid Rug Padding

Slipcovers can be challenging to keep on leather seats because they tend to slip around. We were looking for the ideal solution and discovered that non-skid cushioning could significantly reduce slipping issues.

Keep your slipcovers firmly in place by using non-skid foam on the cushions, similar to what you would use under a rug.

How to Keep Leather Sofa Covers in Place

Leather sofa covers are a beautiful way to protect your furniture, but they can be tricky to keep in place.
Here are a few tips to help you out.
1- Slipcovers with an elastic band work best for leather sofas.
2- Make sure the cover is tight against the sofa. You can do this by stretching it and tucking it under the cushions.
3- Use pins or clips to keep the cover in place.
4- Try using non-skid rug padding to keep the cover from slipping.

What Is The Best Way To Keep An Armchair Cover In Place?

Pins should only be placed on armchair covers if you’re okay with them potentially being there permanently. If someone laid their arm on the chair’s armrest, insert the pins at a hidden angle for safety.
Not only can hook and loop tapes be used to secure armchair covers, but they are also effective on different types of fabrics.


Are you sick of your couch cover constantly sliding out of place? In this article, we’ll show you the best ways to keep it in place and answer any questions that you may have about dealing with cover slippage.

The tips above will help keep your sofa cover in place. Follow our blog to learn more about sofa covers!