Barn Doors Vs. Pocket Doors?

So which do you prefer? Team Pocket Doors or Barn doors. It’s one of those choices that make people think they have an opinion about what should be done, but when asked for their thoughts on this topic, most will initially reply with “I like both” before realizing there is no dominant preference!

Wow, I’m surprised. I haven’t seen anyone install pocket doors in new builds recently, and my clients haven’t been requesting them either.

People overwhelmingly respond that they love classic pocket doors and prefer them to trendy barn doors.

According to many design experts, barn doors are old news. They’re impractical, dated, and (worst of all) passe. So why are they still everywhere we look?

Maybe we should start out with a discussion about why you’d consider anything other than a classic hinged door.

A standard door usually opens into a room, and there is often unusable space between the door and the wall. The door can become an obstruction either in one space or the adjoining area.

Barn Doors Vs. Pocket Doors

Pocket doors and barn doors are great solutions for rooms where space is limited. Since they slide rather than swing open, they don’t take up valuable floor space. This can be a huge problem with swinging doors, impeding furniture placement and traffic flow.

Historic homes have always been known for their wide-open spaces, and pocket doors are a perfect way to make your home feel never-ending. Pocket door panels will divide up smaller rooms when you need some alone time or want privacy from guests visiting at inconvenient moments. Still, they also provide an unbroken flow throughout larger hallways so everyone can move quickly from the room without feeling cramped by narrow doorways that block vision along interior walls.

Although pocket doors have many benefits, some people view them unfavorably because they are known for falling off tracks, being difficult to move, and having problematic locks. If they aren’t installed during the house’s construction, it can be tricky to add them to preexisting walls.

Several years ago, the farmhouse trend boomed, and barn doors have been popular ever since.

The barn door trend is taking off because they are easy to install and provide the look of a piece of artwork in any space. Plus, it’s not just country people who love them!

Some homeowners find that these doors save enough space for their tight homes while still giving an elegant touch with its unique design; builders also highly recommend this type if you’re trying to put something new into your house or remodel project.

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But let’s consider the drawbacks of barn doors.

The truth is barn doors are only fitted for a specific type of aesthetic. So when you want to go for something different or the trend fades, they’re expensive and inconvenient to replace. Plus, the size of the door and hardware can make smaller rooms feel cramped.

While barn doors can double as art pieces, it can be hard to notice anything else when they’re taking up a whole wall. And when they’re closed, the walls look bare. I’ve recently noticed that many hotels are using barn doors or pocket doors for their bathrooms, and I find this to be a major issue. These types of doors offer very little privacy in a bathroom setting. Bathrooms need an easy latch, no visual gaps, and a soundproof door to ensure optimum privacy. Thank you!