How to Fix Blue Light on Juul

If you’re having trouble with your Juul device’s blue light, there are several ways to fix the problem. In this article, we’ll discuss everything from how long it takes for a screen replacement to what else can cause issues when using these vape pens as well!

A quick search online will show many people talking about their personal experiences and problems associated with owning one of these devices–but don’t worry because luckily here at Decordestiny, all knowledge is power so read on if want answers…

Luckily, we’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve to get that pesky blue light out of your way. We’ll discuss how you can improve lighting with an app and then go into detail on fixing it when software doesn’t do the trick for whatever reason.

Guide on How to Fix Blue Light on Juul

Method 1: Electrical Tape

Before you begin, disassemble your Juul device. Once that is done, carefully remove the electrical tape from both sides of the metal plate to reveal its silver color. Next, inspect your Juul device for any cracks or nicks and fix them if necessary.

To attach the battery, first apply a small amount of double-sided sticky tape along one side only, making sure it is perpendicular to the edge of the battery and straight.

Then, using a tiny amount of glue and avoiding excessive use, or the edges will break off when you bend them up, apply a thin layer on top.

To prevent bubbles, hold the tape down firmly before taking off the protective paper backing. Repeat with another side.

You should now have two lines of double-sided sticky tape on your battery that are touchable to the metal plate.

now you can see the two lines of double-sided tape on your battery which are touching the metal plate, This will ensure a good connection between the battery and the metal plate.

By doing this, you’re building a stronger connection with your device and future-proofing it against any physical problems.

If your Juul device is still in good condition, apply a new layer of electrical tape over the blue light. This will not only fix the problem but also protect your device from future damage.

Method 2: Using Sugru

You can repair this issue by utilizing Sugru moldable glue. Remove any pieces or components from your Juul device that may be broken, such as the battery (i.e., Battery). After that, mix equal amounts of black and white Sugru until it becomes gray. Make sure there aren’t any lumps left since they may cause issues with the Sugru’s formation.

Removing electrical tape from batteries is difficult, but can be made easier by submerging the battery in water for 20 seconds.

Remove the battery from the water and carefully peel off the tape. It’s a good idea to use gloves or tweezers so you don’t scratch or damage the battery or remove any stickers or bits of paper stuck to it.

Use tweezers or gloves to take out the metal plate (metal side up) so you don’t get electrocuted by touching the wrong thing. However, be sure not to touch any metal without protection since you can still get wounded even if you aren’t directly contacting it with your bare skin.

In this activity, you will use electrical tape and Sugru to fix a metal plate. First, stick the electrical tape to one side of the metal plate. After mixing the Sugru, apply it to the sticky part. Give 30 minutes to allow it to dry and harden. When finished, reassemble your battery and test your device by clicking five times.

Method 3: Replacing the Metal Plate

Fix blue light on Juul

If you don’t have the appropriate tools or materials, you may always replace the metal plate as a last resort.

Juul batteries must be removed before taking the device apart.

Check for any broken pieces that may shatter it and cause a short circuit. If there are no visible damaged parts, then you can continue to step 3.

Remove the two screws on your device’s metal plate using a small screwdriver (one on each side).

There should be four screws, but they should come off after removing these two.

Set the old metal plate aside after you’ve successfully removed it, since you don’t want to lose anything like screws or pieces.

After that, position your new metal plate over your battery and replace the four screws you just removed. After completing the above steps, try turning it on again five times. If it doesn’t turn on right away after that, recheck all of the relevant spots and make sure they are properly connected.

If not, see if cutting back your old metal plate works. If it doesn’t, you may have to replace the existing battery and try again.

Method 4: Fix Blue Light on Juul without Replacing the Metal Plate

You can also use a tiny paper clip to repair this issue. Remove the battery from your Juul device first. Now take away any connected pieces to avoid future difficulties.

Then, open up your paper clip so it’s flat (if possible). You may use your hands or gadgets to try and do this, but keep in mind not to bend them excessively since they could snap off.

After that, insert the sticker into the battery’s metal plate. You don’t want to risk breaking anything or causing harm by opening it, so use a tiny thing instead of your hands.

After this, try clicking five times. If it doesn’t work, try removing the paper clip and clicking again.

This may be hard to do, but it is necessary so that everything works properly when you are done.

After you get your blue light back on, put all the pieces of your Juul together before using it again. These steps will help fix a blue light on Juul.


When replacing the Blue Light on a Juul device, there are several things to keep in mind.

  • After removing the cover, carefully remove all of the pods from your device. You should also make sure to take out any parts like as the mouthpiece and top cap before disassembling your gadget (device cover).
  • Your device is delicate, and dropping it could break the motherboard. Not to mention, you won’t be able to vape while you’re repairing your e-cigarette if that happens. If your device isn’t responding even though it’s charged (check for a green LED light), try cleaning the contact points with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol.
  • Please take care when handling your device, so that you do not damage any of the wiring or circuits. If this does occur, it is best to avoid touching either side of the circuit board as it may still be electrified and cause an electrical shock..
  • At all times, keep loose batteries, components, and tools away from children (and pets). If you accidentally swallow a battery or another small component, seek immediate medical attention.