Top 5 Green Exterior Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

Selecting a paint color for the exterior of your home can be a challenging task. Green, being a timeless and attractive choice, is a popular option. However, with numerous shades available, it can be overwhelming to make a decision. In my pursuit of the ideal exterior green paint colors for my own home, I experimented with around 10 different greens from Benjamin Moore.

Top five picks Green Exterior Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

BM Louisburg Green

I was searching high and low, trying every Benjamin Moore green under the sun. One of my top contenders was the mighty Louisburg Green benjamin moore. It had an LRV of 32.77, making it just the right balance between light and dark for a stunning effect in any lighting. But, I felt like it lacked a little something special.

You see, my home is surrounded by lush, warm green foliage from pecan trees and ferns on my front porch. I needed a green house paint combination that would compliment and enhance my natural surroundings, not clash with them. That’s when I realized I needed a green that was slightly warmer and more inviting. Can you feel the excitement of discovering the perfect shade? I sure can!

BM Saybrook Sage

Green Exterior Paint Colors by Benjamin Moore

One color that caught my eye was the enchanting Benjamin Moore Saybrook Sage. This gorgeous shade is a true sage gray-green, and it looks absolutely stunning on the Victorian home above, especially on overcast days.

However, my excitement was short-lived because, with an LRV of 44.91, it wasn’t suitable for my sunny climate. When exposed to bright sunlight, it appeared too light and almost grayish, and that was not the true green I was seeking. But don’t let that stop you from considering this magnificent color for your home, especially if you live in the Pacific Northwest where the foggy weather complements its beauty.

The San Francisco home pictured above is a prime example of how Saybrook sage exterior house paint can elevate the look of your home.

BM Rolling Hills

It is versatile and works wonders on a wide range of homes, from old-fashioned Craftsman styles to new builds. Rolling Hills boasts both gray and brown undertones, which gives it a remarkable ability to transform under different lighting conditions. No wonder it’s also a popular choice for interiors!

However, despite its charm, with an LRV of 23.41, it was too dark for my taste. I live in a region with scorching hot, sunny summers, and I needed a lighter color that would help mitigate heat gain. As much as I admired Rolling Hills, it was not the right fit for my home.

BM Passion Vine

the charming Benjamin Moore Passion Vine and my search for the perfect exterior paint color for my home. This true olive color is a genuine Craftsman green that exudes authenticity and beauty. As you can see on the home above, it looks soft and lovely on overcast days.

However, in my opinion, when viewed in direct sunlight and compared to other greens, it can appear a bit too similar to the color of baby vomit. Plus, with an LRV of 21.53, it would be too dark for my liking. But, if you’re aiming for a classic Craftsman color palette that includes olive green, rich cream, and rusty red, then Passion Vine could be an excellent option for you. Its unique shade would undoubtedly add character and charm to your home.

BM Creekside Green — Our Choice!

Get ready to hear about my ultimate choice for the perfect exterior paint color for my home – Benjamin Moore Creekside Green. This exquisite shade ended up being my ideal pick! With an LRV of 30.68, it is the perfect level of lightness, and it has enough gray and brown undertones to complement my warm foliage without clashing or blending in too much. Benjamin Moore describes it as “reminiscent of a stroll alongside a quiet creek bed on a warm summer’s day,” and I couldn’t agree more. I am in love with the way the paint colors are described.

Creekside Green is a unique color that can appear olive in some lighting, sage in others, and soft gray-green on overcast days. It’s the perfect chameleon-like shade, just like my favorite kind of paint color. I find myself admiring it often, stopping and staring at the stunning hue it gives my home. I am thrilled with how it turned out, and I can’t wait for everyone to see it.


Benjamin Moore offers a range of stunning green exterior paint colors that can transform the appearance of your home.

These colors are not only visually appealing but also durable and long-lasting, providing excellent coverage and protection against the elements. Choosing one of these top 5 green exterior paint colors by Benjamin Moore is a great way to enhance the curb appeal and value of your home.

Here are the top 5 green exterior paint colors by Benjamin Moore. Let me know in the comment if you like it or not.