Most Popular Exterior Paint Colors

Instead of the conventional bright whites, homeowners are gravitating towards more daring and assertive colors for their siding, trim, and front doors. The latest Popular Exterior Paint Colors are characterized by vivid blues and greens, creamy neutrals, playful pastels, and even dark hues such as charcoal and black.

Nowadays, people perceive the exterior of their homes as an extension of their living space, and a fresh coat of paint or a vibrant front door can go a long way in refreshing and revitalizing the exterior, transforming it into a welcoming hangout spot.

To assist you in staying current with the newest exterior color trends, we’ve curated a list of the top 10 trending colors for the exterior of your house. Keep reading to find out more!

Popular Exterior Paint Colors

1. All-Black Exteriors

The contemporary and bold appearance of dark and rich colors possesses the ability to enhance the appeal of any home and add a modern touch. It’s no wonder that people are increasingly drawn to this striking and unconventional look.

Dark hues are especially pleasing when contrasted with lush greenery, but if you’re hesitant to paint your entire exterior with a dark color, they also work great for accent features like the front door or shutters, providing a timeless focal point.

2. Warm, Earthy Neutrals

The ongoing trend of incorporating warm colors into interior design has now extended to exteriors, with earthy browns and other warm neutrals gaining popularity. These natural shades, which emulate the color of clay, earth, or stone, enable homes to blend seamlessly with their surroundings rather than standing out. For houses nestled amidst verdant greenery, consider a luxurious chocolatey brown, while warm sepia tones work well for homes located in arid regions.

3. Invigorating Greens

Green hues, reminiscent of the natural world and its rejuvenating effects, are gaining prominence. Darker shades of green beautifully complement verdant surroundings, and a smoky green exterior color would be particularly stunning when paired with lush plants enveloping the house.

4. Soft Whites and Creams

Rather than opting for bright white, more understated tones are growing in popularity, as per numerous manufacturers. New constructions are also incorporating these softer whites with warm, organic wood tones.

5. Subdued Gray-Greens

If you’re in search of a nature-inspired color that is more muted, muddy gray greens are rapidly becoming a favored choice. There’s a greater inclination toward colors that inspire and promote our well-being, and this serene range of hues connects us with nature.

6. Black Exteriors with a Striking Door

We’ve already discussed the allure of dark exterior hues, but let’s not overlook the front entrance! Pairing black siding with a lighter-colored door can introduce a fresh, unexpected element that accentuates your home’s architecture.

7. Rosy Entrances for Ivory-Colored Houses

Revamping your curb appeal doesn’t require a complete exterior overhaul. Painting your front door is one of the simplest and most efficient ways to enhance your home’s appearance, and it’s a speedy project to complete.

8. Charcoal Tones with Soft Pastels

For homes with darker exteriors, consider incorporating a few unconventional accent shades for a lively and attention-grabbing combination. For trims and accent features, pastel colors such as pink, baby blue, and lemon can infuse some much-needed playfulness and cheer into your home’s exterior.


In conclusion, the right exterior color palette can make all the difference in enhancing your home’s curb appeal. From bold, vibrant hues to nature-inspired tones, there is a wide range of color options to choose from in 2023.

Keep in mind your home’s architecture, landscape, and the neighborhood’s overall style when selecting your home’s exterior color palette. With these top exterior paint color trends for 2023, you’ll be sure to find the perfect color scheme to enhance your home’s beauty and value.


How do I choose the best exterior paint color for my home?

Choosing the best exterior paint color for your home involves considering the overall style and architecture of your home, as well as your personal preferences. Look at inspirational photos and consider the surrounding environment and landscaping to help make your decision.